Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exhibit Development and Design Project

So for my project for Exhibit Development and Design, I was thinking about incorporating a part of history that I really like into the exhibit. I was originally thinking of doing something related to Rosie the Riveter because I love World War II history, especially anything that relates to the female contribution. At first I wasn't sure if that's what I really wanted to do, but I have decided to do it. I was worried I wouldn't find enough sources and artifacts for this pseudo-exhibit... but the more I think about it the better it sounds. I think if I was actually making a real exhibit on Rosie, I would definitely be able to find plenty of pieces for it! I'm very excited about this project because I feel like it's way past due for an exhibit that credits women for what they did during World War II.

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  1. I think you'll find plenty of content around which to to create a detailed concept. Remember, we don't need an entire artifact list, unless you want one. All we need is enough actual content to give us a contextual framework for developing the outline, design ideas, and overall "pitch."